Sexual Addiction Coaching

Recovery Coaching for Wives of Addicts

and Women with Sexual Addiction


Crossway Coaching was established for one purpose – to promote the healing and recovery of women struggling with the impact of Sexual Addiction – whether the addiction is their own or their partner’s.  At Crossway, I understand your need for safe, compassionate, non-judgmental support.

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Laura Williams is a highly trained coach with strong intuitive listening skills and a functional,  working knowledge of Sexual Addiction and its effects on  both the addict and those close to him or her – on individuals, marriages, families, and society.

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Sexual addiction is not an easy thing to talk about – for the addict or the partner… A person struggling with the presence of Sexual Addiction is far less likely to reach out for help than those struggling with other addictions.  This is because of society’s vast misunderstanding of addiction, how it develops, how it manifests itself, etc.  Phrases like “Dump him, those people can't change” and “why don't they just stop doing it," and hurtful labels demonstrate the widespread ignorance on the issue.


At Crossway, I understand the process by which Sexual Addiction develops, and the shame, hurt, depression, and hopelessness that accompanies these unwanted sexual behaviors.  I also understand the trauma that occurs for partners of sex addicts; the deep sense of betrayal, the complete obliteration of trust, and the confusion, anger, and depression that sets in upon discovering a partner's addiction.  Lastly, I understand the amount of commitment and hard work it takes to overcome and move forward. And I'm really proud of you for being here, and taking that first step.  There’s no shame in the past, and there’s only hope for your future.


You’ll find no judgment here… just caring, compassionate support along with the tools and strategies needed to overcome.

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